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In the medium-developed or more developed world, the entertainment or leisure industry is one of the most important industries of the 21st century. Gaming is part of it.

Gaming can be an important part of the entertainment industry of a certain country if the country takes the appropriate measures to decrease gaming-related social problems, such as dependency or addiction, and illegal activities, such as money laundering and tax evasion. If the government puts in place and consistently implements regulations and legislation, it may establish the public’s trust in gaming itself, which is one of the prerequisites for achieving its social and economic acceptance.

“Public confidence and trust in fair and competitive gaming, in having the rights of licence-bearers protected, and in assuring that gaming is not subject to crime and corruption” is of key importance for the continual growth and success of gaming, as we can read in a statement by the US state of Nevada regarding its gaming policy; a state that acknowledges gaming and Las Vegas, the gaming Mecca, as an important component of its economy.

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An important aspect of the integrity of this branch of the economy is the technical compliance of gaming devices and the supporting technologies used for gaming.

At SIQ Gaming Laboratories, as a part of the global Gaming Laboratories International (GLI) group, we carry out testing of gaming technologies and issue certificates of conformity on the basis of test reports. These certificates are a precondition for acquiring a licence for the use of gaming devices. Tests are carried out according to the technical rules defined by the national regulations, and based on national standards, where available.

We verify the identity of gaming devices already in use with the approved type by way of inspection procedures.

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SIQ Gaming Laboratories is an important partner to domestic and international manufacturers of gaming equipment and organizers of games of chance.