Certification of Gaming Devices

Certification of Gaming Devices

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SIQ Gaming Laboratories, Ltd. is an impartial and independent product certification body and as such part of the global Gaming Laboratories International (GLI) group. Neither SIQ Gaming Laboratories, Ltd. nor any of the companies of the GLI group (affiliates), nor its personnel are:

  • a designer, manufacturer, installer, distributor or maintainer of the certified product;
  • a designer, implementer, provider or maintainer of the certified service

Neither SIQ Gaming Laboratories nor its affiliates offer or provide consultancy services. As part of the certification process, we may help the customer with interpreting the regulatory requirements.

The only source of funding for SIQ Gaming Laboratories is through sales of its services. Pricelists for standard services or specific quotes for services may be obtained through GLI Europe sales.

Further details on the rights, obligations and duties of applicants, including any restrictions or limitations are stated in the last part of the application form WN121. The last chapter of this form represents a certification agreement between the applicant and the certification body. A detailed description of the certification process can be found in CN412. Any further applicable condition, including a description of complaints and appeals process, can be found in General terms and conditions for the provision of services.

All these documents can be found here.

The system for certification of gaming devices

is modelled upon other systems for certification of products. A device can be tested only by a laboratory qualified to SIST EN ISO/IEC 17025 standard, and certified only by a body meeting the requirements of the SIST EN ISO/IEC 17065 standard.

Certification Procedure

is performed according to the CN412 document (Product certification for gaming devices).

Certificate of Conformity

is issued, provided a gaming device is found to meet the requirements of the relevant technical regulation. A list of gaming devices certified for Slovenian regulation is available to registered users.