Testing of Gaming Devices

Testing of Gaming Devices

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Technical regulations classify gaming devices as:

  • gaming machines (which simulate card games, games with reels, dice, etc.),
  • gaming tables (e.g., roulette), and
  • drawing devices (e.g., lottery, tombola).

The diversity of these devices means that we require numerous testing procedures in the field of mechanical, electrical and other measurements; statistical tests for establishing randomness of game outcomes; mathematical analyses of game rules; and game simulations for establishing the return ratio. All gaming devices should also have efficient protection against access to those assemblies that enable game parameters to be changed, or that affect the game outcomes.

In modern gaming machines, the complex mathematical analysis of additional games (“bonus” or “feature” games) is especially demanding. We must check the operating system of the gaming device in the accounting system segment (electronic and mechanical meters) and its communication with peripherals, as well as the supervisory information system and the correct operation of pay-in and pay-out units. The internal diagnosis and error management system must not allow false wins or the loss of wins or essential data.

In gaming machines and some other gaming devices, the analysis of software is of key importance; it helps to identify systemic solutions for all set requirements.

Gaming devices that are also electrical products must additionally fulfil all of the prescribed requirements for ensuring electrical safety and electromagnetic compatibility.

Legal requirements

Even though we, as an accredited institution for product certification, are bound by strict requirements regarding the safeguarding of confidential data, the independence of any influence and the prevention of any discriminatory dealing with orders – and despite the fact that we are members of numerous international schemes, with demanding requirements with regard to professional liability insurance (e.g., CCA) – the area of gaming is so sensitive that with every single manufacturer of gaming devices we must sign an additional confidentiality contract.