Customer portal

Customer portal


Customers of SIQ Gaming Laboratories can obtain access to the customer portal. It enables users to see listings of issued documents, to download pdf scans, to list the software we approved, and for gaming equipment manufacturers also to submit an application to start a testing process for a new project. There’s an option to save one or more applications as templates, so when you want to submit a new project you just need to edit the fields that change. Alternatively, you can choose one of the past projects and open it as a new application, then edit the fields that change.

All tables have a quick-filter search box on top of each column, so you can quickly search for a product, certificate, checksum (hash), etc. There are also “Advanced Search” and export to Excel options.

If you want to create an account, please send a request via email to You will then receive an invitation email to sign up to the portal, so you can start using it.

The portal address is: